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About Mid Island Potable Water Hauling

We specialize in bulk delivery of potable drinking water.

Locally owned and family operated we service the Mid Island area with clean fresh drinking water.


Our potable water trucks are inspected by V.I.H.A. to ensure our customers receive a high quality product from clean tanks & equipment.

We have a rigorous cleaning schedule designed to meet or exceed V.I.H.A. quality control standards.

Water samples are laboratory tested for microbial contamination and must be in compliance with government standards.

Our water test results can be found on the V.I.H.A. website:

Vancouver Island Health Authority


Our custom built stainless steel potable water tank was manufactured in 2022, we have paired our tank with new, built in, food grade water transfer equipment and use potable water hoses exclusively, ensuring there is no contamination from non-potable equipment.

Our stainless steel hose connectors are sanitized and capped between deliveries.  We further sanitize the intake pipes at the water filling station to reduce any contamination from entering our potable water tank. These are all extra measures we take to ensure you receive safe drinking water for your family.  Our rigorous cleaning schedule doesn't just stop at the tank, you will notice the pride of ownership show through with a sparkling clean truck from top to bottom. 


We have gone the extra mile to ensure the quality and safety of bulk water delivery to your family and are proud to have our E.O.C.P. certification.  Protecting the health of your family is our top priority.  We are the first and only E.O.C.P. Certified operator on Vancouver Island.

Environmental Operators Certification Program

We are certified members of The BC Water & Waste Association.  BCWWA  is a not-for-profit organization that represents around 4,000 water professionals in BC and the Yukon. The Association delivers professional development, certification, and advocacy programs and services to ensure that our water systems continue to protect public health and the environment. 



All water suppliers in British Columbia are required to monitor water that reaches consumers for total coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli (E.coli) regularly. The monitoring is one part of a comprehensive approach to safe drinking water.

Find out more about drinking water standards and supplier responsibilities:

Capital Regional District

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